All you need is love, and a little ice cream. For the dessert dreamers, sweet-treat lovers, and ice cream eaters – Rollin’ Pedaler have got you!

Evelyn and Eleanor, Rollin’ Pedaler’s vintage-styled ice cream tricycles, are the perfect addition to any event. Morning, afternoon, or evening – any time is ice cream time! Serving your choice of scooped ice cream in waffle cones (or cups) Rollin’ Pedaler can accommodate most allergen and flavour requests. They serve only the best premium NZ-sourced ice cream flavours. Laura and James are passionate about providing quality service and a memorable experience. If ice cream is your guilty pleasure then get in contact to chat!

Tell us about your business? Rollin’ Pedaler offers a luxury dessert experience to any private hire event or function. Serving scooped ice cream from a vintage-styled ice cream tricycle we are the perfect alternative to a more traditional dessert option. Ice cream is social – eat it whilst talking, dancing and even with a drink in your other hand.

Our tricycles are petite and mobile which means we can park up (almost) anywhere, inside or out. With rechargeable battery powered freezers there’s no need for a power source or noisy generator. Both tricycles are setup with umbrella, bunting, barrel, flowers and a flavours board – everything to make them look picture perfect.

What’s your mission for every couple who chooses your business? We believe ice cream symbolises memories (old and new), connections (with friends, family and loved ones), and emotions (both positive and negative). With this in mind, we strive to create an experience that our clients can remember for years to come.