Dogs at your Wedding? No sweat! The team at Pawsome Weddings make sure your fur babies can be part of your big day!

Pawsome Weddings was created by pet lovers Anna & Paul, when Anna saw first hand how couples were missing out on having their dogs at their weddings. Being SPCA foster parents, they know what it takes to make sure that every dog feels loved, safe and cared for. 

Tell us all about your business? Our Pawsome team will come and meet you and your dog(s) prior to your big day, so you can all get to know us.  On the day, we’ll be your dogs VIP chauffeur to the wedding, and get them dressed in any special wedding attire once we arrive at the venue.

We’ll be subtly out of the way during the ceremony, but close enough to sneak them away if needed.  It’s important to keep your venue happy, so of course we’ll collect any ‘parcels’ they leave, and make sure they’re kept hydrated, exercised, and sneak them a treat as needed.

We can also help with photos (we’re experts at making weird noises to make them look!) and then we’ll drop your dog off afterwards, either at the kennels, or your home or a friends – wherever you’d like them to be!

What’s your mission for every couple who chooses your business? To know that their beloved dogs will be well cared for and treated like one of our own while we’re caring for them.  That they can have an absolutely amazing wedding day with their dog as part of their I Do crew!

Bonus tip about your business? We have a variety of treats we keep on hand, we use seat belts for travel, or crates are available for travel if you prefer this.