Make your wedding unique with a live wedding painting which beautifully records your magical day while providing great entertainment for guests.

Qualified fine artist Mandy Boyd provides a unique wedding service where she paints a special moment in your day as it’s happening. Mandy has the ability to work fast and is comfortable performing and engaging with her live audience. Mandy works with you to ensure your painting is just how you want it by discussing which moment you would love captured and is open to adding in extras such as special pets or loved ones who have passed or couldn’t make it to the wedding.

Tell us all about your business? I paint weddings live at the venue, recording a moment of the day in paint on canvas. My service is a very unique addition to a wedding. Clients love the extra entertainment and treasure the beautiful painting to display in their home.

What’s your mission for every couple who chooses your business? To create a piece of work they will love. I consult with the couple to ensure I have a good understanding of their ideas, and while adding finishing touches back in studio, send them photographs to ensure they are really happy before posting their piece of art back to them.

Bonus tip about your business? In addition to live wedding painting, Mandy offers commission paintings where she can paint from a photograph of your day. All pricing for commission work and live wedding painting can be found on her website.