Bev is a North Canterbury-based celebrant who officiates weddings in the wider Canterbury area – including Geraldine and Methven.

Getting married is so exciting and so much more than just paperwork. It’s about the ultimate commitment to be a part of someone else’s life. Whether it’s a small intimate ceremony you want or a grand celebration to be shared with the entire whanau. Bev has the skill to craft a ceremony, designed to tell your story in a way that suits you.

Tell us about yourself? Until recently I was a member of CANZ for about 12 years – and I’ve continued to attend workshops and professional development over the years as I see this as an important element in providing such an important role. I have been Justice of the Peace since 2004 and I work on a daily basis as a Real Estate Agent, an industry I have been apart of for over 17 years.

I also undertake volunteer work in my community and I’m the founding organiser of the district wide food charity drive – Toot for Tucker which occurs every December, since 2011. I enjoy my celebrant work and it means so very much to me, as it provides me with the opportunity of being able to give something of myself to someone else and share in their special moments. I feel humbled to be chosen to tell this on their behalf.

Tell us about your style? Oh, I definitely enjoy a laugh, just a little humor can go a long way to breaking the ice and helping people feel relaxed or take the tension out of an occasion. I like to be real – and tell the stories the way they are told to me and so the people hearing them can say, I can see that happening, or I can just hear someone saying that. It’s about them. I love the relaxed home weddings – but I’m just as much at home in a formal setting. It’s about adapting to the surroundings and being a part of it for your couples – the way they want you to be.

Best part of any ceremony for you? When the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her for the first time. I have lost count of the times when a tissue has been needed at this moment. It’s one of my favourite moments.

Favourite things? Wine tasting and good food tasting. Spending time with the man in my life and watching my grandbabies playing. I get little personal time but when I do this is what you’ll find me doing.