Alison is a North Canterbury-based celebrant and is able to officiate in the wider Canterbury area, too.

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to get married and now you need to find the right person to officiate this fabulous occasion. Alison would be delighted to offer her services as your independent marriage celebrant! As a teacher of English, lover of art, literature, history, and music Alison will be able to work with you and guide you in creating the perfect words for this, your very special occasion. While not fluent in te reo, she is more than comfortable using karakia, whakatauki and waiata should you wish these to be part of your ceremony. Get in touch with her to start creating what will be an incredibly special and memorable occasion.

Tell us about yourself? Kia ora! I have been a celebrant since 2019 and as I’m kept pretty busy as a full-time assistant principal at rural secondary, I haven’t really actively advertised to seek clients. I have performed a number of ceremonies – including a vow renewal and a commitment ceremony. I am an experienced MC and public speaker. I am a member of CANZ and am about to begin my VCANZ application.

I have recently moved to the West Coast, but most of my ceremonies are still based in North Canterbury and the wider Christchurch area. I’m an avid reader and generally love all genres of literature! I have a wide teaching background – which began in South Auckland many years ago before moving to the South Island in 2012. I believe dealing with teenagers on a daily basis helps keep you young at heart – and up to date with the latest lingo, music, trends – which in turn will help me tailor my work to a wide range of clients.

Tell us about your style? I’m a people person! I get on with people! Building strong relationships in teaching enables students to succeed. I have carried this through into my work with clients. I am relaxed in my approach as it is important to put people at ease. And I have a great sense of humour – if I do say so myself – that is also grounded in my day job – as a teacher you need to be able to laugh on a daily basis!!

Best part of any ceremony for you? I love seeing the look on the groom’s face as they see their partner come down the ‘aisle’. I love hearing a couples’ stories and working them into the service. I love hearing the vows that the couple has written for each other. I love pronouncing them ‘husband and wife’ (or ‘wife and wife’ or ‘ life partner and life partner’)

Favourite things? As I said earlier I am an avid reader! I read around 100 books a year. A lot of these for the library at my school before they go into general circulation. I read any genre of book – but do like crime fiction, biographies and general YAFiction (young adult). I listen to music – nothing better than putting my headphones on at school in my office so that I can concentrate on whatever piece of work is needed! Peter and I travelled extensively overseas before COVID. Since COVID we have investigated more NZ destinations. I love the company of friends and family – food, drink and fun times!